Nepal Round Trip

Luring foreign tourists with its majestic mountains, picturesque beauty and the warm hospitality, Nepal is the country of beauty and best travel destinations for the travelers across the globe. The All Nepal Tour is one of the best way to explore Nepal to its fullest. The round trip of Nepal covers three different regions of the […]

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Visit Nepal this Autumn 2015.

A big question still looms around the heads of many travelers and trekkers, ” IS NEPAL A SAFE DESTINATION TO TRAVEL THIS AUTUMN?” The answer is “YES“. And there are strong stats and reports defending the answer and supporting the claim Nepal is a safe destination to travel. The final outcome of the danger assessment of two of the […]

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Animal Encounter #1: Catching up with Spiny Babbler (A Bird found only in Nepal)

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Nepal is a paradise for ornithologists and avid bird watchers. There are currently 900 species of birds found in Nepal (as of 2012), of which 30 species are globally threatened, 1 species in endemic and 1 species has been recently introduced by humans. Spiny Babbler is the only species of…

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Thousands hug trees in Kathmandu to set a World Record on World Environment Day

Tree-hugger (n) ~an environmental campaigner (used in reference to the practice of embracing a tree in an attempt to prevent it from being felled). Raising awareness about the importance of Trees   More than 2,000 people gathered in Kathmandu on June 5 in a bid to set a world record for the largest tree hug. To mark […]

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Exploring wildlife in Nepal; Bardiya National Park

Inside Bardiya National Park: The largest national park in Nepal spanning 374 sq miles in the Bardiya district of Southern Nepal. Rich in exotic and sub-tropical flora and fauna, Bardiya serves the ultimate purpose of wildlife jungle safaris, holidaying and cultural exploration of the native tribe.

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Southern plains or Terai region of Nepal is gifted with sub-tropical climate and highly fertile land. Also known as the Breadbasket of Nepal, you can find dense sub-tropical forests and vegetation laying throughout the region. Home of the Tharu tribe of people, the lifestyle is still very much traditional and dictated by ancient cultures.

Bardiya district is located at the western region of Terai, covering an area approx. of 2,025 km². It is mostly covered by wild vegetation. Today, many endangered animals are protected and bred inside the Bardiya National park. Bardiya wildlife safari is guaranteed to take you inside the covert hideouts of some of the most dangerous wild beasts of Nepal.



Bardiya National Park (formerly. Royal Bardia National Park) is a protected area established in 1988. Previously used as a hunting ground by the royals and hunting enthusiasts…

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