Post Earthquake Adventure in Nepal

Flashback, April 25 2015, 11:56 (Nepal Standard Time) NST a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude rattled the himalayan nation killing almost 9000, and the whole world watched in shock.

The earthquake was destructive enough to destroy commercial building, century old mud-made structures/buildings, however the natural beauty is still intact.

Tourism industry which is one of the mainstay of Nepal economy was among the many which suffered the most. Nepal seemed an unlikely choice for family vacation, many travelers started unchecking Nepal from their bucket list.

May 2016, a year after the tragic event, Nepal is slowly recovering. The streets of thamel is buzzing with tourist, the popular trekking routes are crowded, the climbers are back in the mountains and families are enjoying safaris. It is fair to say that Nepal tourism industry is back on track.

Here are some of the travel experience from those who had visited Nepal after the earthquake.

A group of trekkers, the Johnson Family, from USA clarified that Nepal is safe for post-earthquake travel. The family of 4 completed Everest Base Camp trek in June 10, 2015!

Alpha Guillermoa, from Victoria, Australia did her EBC Trek in fall of 2015. When asked about Nepal she had to say “Everywhere you looked was just one panoramic view after panoramic view of astonishing sceneries, and there were countless times I was rendered speechless by what was in front of me. Pictures do absolutely no justice, as nothing compares to actually being there in the flesh.Read More about her unforgettable experience.

Joel Suarrez, a Swiss national, completed the trek to the Everest Base Camp in September 2015.

My friends and family were telling me, if I am crazy doing this, after all that happened here. But believe me, it is so worth it. Traveling to Nepal is so safe, or even safer than before. The trek, the people, and the lodges everything was so amazing.

Everest Base Camp trail  and the Annapurna Region was examined by Miyamoto International, a US based architectural engineering firm, and had been confirmed safe for trekking.

everest three pass trek
Plateau before West Col, around 20,000ft.

Frantisek Valeska, from Czech Republic did his Everest 3 Passes Trek in October 2015. He described Everest 3 Passes Trek as “Wonderful high mountains, beautiful views from the top of the passes. Great trek and safe with the support of the professional guides.” Read Frantisek Everest 3 Passes Trek experience here!

When asked, What message, related to post-earthquake tourism, would you like to give to other tourists visiting Nepal?

Absolutely safe, still beautiful country (and less crowded than usual!)

Carole Lalande from Saint-Lazare, Quebec recently completed her trek to the Annapurna Base Camp in October 2015. Accompanied by her spouse, Carole spend great most of a time at the Annapurna trail and later in the tourist’s getaway of Pokhara. Check out the pictures from the trip >> Voyage to the Annapurna 

The number of travellers significantly dropped in comparison to previous years(trekking season). Even with travel restriction against Nepal, many adventures seekers visited Nepal with a message Nepal is safe.

Nobukazu Kuriki, Japanese mountaineer, was the first climber to lead the Mt. Everest expedition since the devastating 25th April earthquake in Nepal. However he had to abandon the expedition due to fresh deep snow after attempting a final push to reach the summit.

Webcasting of 2015 Everest Expedation. [More]

With the spring climbing season open once again, many climbers are back on the mountain in the quest to conquer the highest mountain of the world, Everest.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake triggered avalanche and Landslide in Mount Everest and Langtang Valley.

Langtang, the scenic high altitude valley bordering Tibet was one of the most affected trekking region. The landslide triggered by the earthquake swept the entire valley killing almost 300 people.

gosaikunda langtang trek
Gosaikunda Lake, an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Langtang National Park.

In Spite of what happened a year ago, tourist are gradually returning to Langtang Region. The disrupted Langtang routes have been reopened and around 10 tourist including domestic tourist visit Langtang daily.

The trekking paradise Nepal is once again in the bucket list of many travelers around the world. Nat Geo and Forbes the two global leading magazines have listed Nepal in the Top coolest and must visit places of 2016.

According to Trekkers Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board(NTB), Nepal is safe and open for business.

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