9 Interesting Facts About Bhutan.

Flag of Bhutan
National Flag of Bhutan

Bhutan a tiny and remote Buddhist country sandwiched between the mighty China and India is known for its monasteries, fortress and impressive topography from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valley. Bhutan the Land of dragon is still regarded as the last Shangri-La because of its prehistoric and artistically rich Buddhist monasteries and remote mountain terrains.

Almost completely cut off for centuries, Bhutan is largely unexplored by the foreign tourists; it allows limited number of discerning travelers to enter the country in order to protect its fragile environment and culture.

Here are some of the interesting unknown facts about Bhutan.

#1 The Land of Thunder Dragon


Also known as “Druk Yul,” which means “the Land of the Thunder Dragons” because of the violent and large thunderstorms that whip down through the valleys from the Himalayas.

#2 Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness

Bhutan measures prosperity by gauging its citizens’ happiness levels, not the GDP. Gross national happiness (GNH) in ‪‎Bhutan is the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world.

#3 Most Dangerous Airport

Paro Airport Bhutan

The tiny airport nestled among the steep mountains of the Himalayas is said to be the most dangerous in the world. Only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land there.

#4 No Traffic Signals

Traffic signal in Bhutan

The capital city, Thimphu, has no traffic lights– just white-gloved traffic officers.

#5 Highest Mountain

Gangkhar Puensum the highest mountain in Bhutan

Gangkhar Puensum, is the highest mountain in Bhutan and a strong candidate for the highest unclimbed mountain in the world with an elevation of 7,570 metres.

#6 National Sport

National sport of Bhutan

Changlimithang Stadium in Thimphu is one of the kingdom’s most prominent archery fields. The most notable archery competition in Bhutan are Coronation National Archery tournament and Yangphel tournament. Other major archery competitions are held during Losar.

 #7 TV & Internet Banned


Bhutan is one of the last countries to introduce television and internet to its citizens. The government lifted a ban on Tv and on the Internet in 2001.

#8 Religion


Buddhism is the official religion with Hinduism the second popular faith.  Approximately 70 percent of the population Tibetan Buddhism. The remaining 30 percent practice Hinduism.

#9 Love for Spicy Food


Chili in particular is found in every meal. Bhutanese food is a mixture of simple ingredients, Chinese flavors and a hint of Himalayan style.

The trip from Kathmandu to Bhutan (Paro District of Bhutan) is of 50 minutes flight. Which offers closest aerial views of Everest, Kanchenjunga and other famous mountains of Great Himalaya range.

Rich in hospitality and quality service, the primary attraction in Bhutan is observing the local lifestyle, culture and traditions.

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