Disrupted Langtang Trek Route Reopened

Gosain Kunda lake
Gosain Kunda lake is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Langtang National Park.

The Langtang trekking route which was disrupted by landslide due to the 25th April Earthquake has reopened, according to Himalayan Times.

Chairperson of Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee; Temba Lama said ” routes from Syafrubeshi to Khamjim, and Sherpa Gaun Riboche to Chyangjen have been repaired and is ready for trekking.”

Preparation to build temporary hotels and motels in different places across the trekking route is underway, according to the Committee.

Langtang is a region in the Himalayas of Nepal to the north of the Kathmandu Valley and bordering Tibet. One of the famous trekking destination in Nepal having many classic trekking routes. Many parts of this classic trekking route were also damaged in the devastating incident.

Langtang One Year After the Earthquake

With the entire village swept by the landslide and almost 300 people killed, langtang was one of the most affected regions by the 2015 April earthquake. April 25 2016, marked the first anniversary which killed 9000 people and injured more than 21000 people.

langtang after earthquake
A local hold poster of a hotel that was buried by the April 25 earthquake-induced avalanche in Langtang. © The Himalayan Times

Now, things are different in Langtang, almost 10 people (tourist including domestic) visit langtang daily. Process of reconstruction of the damaged route almost complete, tourist gradually heading back to Langtang region.

  • Many hotels have come into operation in Langtang, Sindhum and Kyanjin which operates 35 hotels alone.
  • Now over 150 community members have returned to rebuild.

On the first anniversary of the earthquake, survivors and closed ones of the victims, treked from trekked to Langtang from Syafrubensi to pay tribute to their beloved.

Langtang, in spite of what had happend, is still beautiful and one of the most popular trekking destination, thanks to the breathtaking beautiful valleys, gorgeous Himalayan vistas and beautiful pine forest.


Langtang was one of the region which was heavily affected by the major earthquake of April 2015. Most of the people left the village, however, few of those who remained are rebuilding the local economy. Here’s an appeal from the local for the tourists to revisit the region.

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