Rescue in the Himalayas after Nepal Earthquake gathers pace.

Rescue works in the Himalayas of Nepal continue on the sixth day after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit many parts of Nepal. With its geographically challenging terrain, rescue works are challenging. The situation has not been helped by continuous rain in the country. However, Nepalese Army, Armed Police force, Nepal Police as well as rescuers from all around the world are putting all the effort they can to reach those affected by the earthquake in the remote trekking and climbing areas of Nepal.

Numerous positive stories are coming from different parts of Nepal. For example, AFP has reported about a group of foreign trekkers who were rescued from a remote Gorkha valley. They had set up a help sign using stones which caught the attention of a rescue helicopter pilot. The group consisted of mainly Slovakian trekkers. Rescue missions are in full swing after the worst earthquake in Nepal in 81 years.

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The rescue missions in the Everest region has already begun a few days back with good success. The earthquake triggered avalanche along with geological convulsion at Mt. Everest. Though rescuers were able to airlift 20 climbers, 18 have been reported dead so far. More than 60 have been reportedly injured due to the earthquake in the region. The rescue missions are ongoing and we will hear more news in the coming days.

Rescue has been ongoing in other trekking regions such as Langtang and Annapurna. We are constantly monitoring the information coming our way. Likewise, we have also started an initiative to help the families of our guides, porters and trek helpers. The road to recovery and rehabilitation after this disastrous earthquake is sure to take time. But, the solidarity among Nepalese and the helping hands stretched our way from around the world will be of massive help.


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