10 Basic Local Phrases to Get you through in Nepal!

Nepal, a small nation in South Asia, is home to Nepalese people. A group of people belonging to varying caste and creed. Despite their differences cultural and lingual, all of them can understand and speak a single language, Nepali.

Knowing even basic Nepali can come in-handy while you’re traveling in Nepal. As a foreigner, a must know phrases can help you get through loads of difficulties.

10 Basic Phrases in Nepali

# English How to Say in “Nepali” Script
1 Hello, how are you? Namaste, Tapailai sanchai cha? नमस्ते, तपाई लै सन्चै छ?
Hello, I’m fine. Namaste, Malai sanchai cha. नमस्ते, मलाई सन्चै छ|
2 Thank you/Welcome Dhanyabaad/Swagatam धन्यबाद/स्वागतम्
3 What is your name? Tapaiko naam ke ho? तपाइको नाम के हो?
My name is … Mero naam .… ho. मेरो नाम … हो|
4 How much does it cost? Esko kati parcha? यसको कति पर्छ?
It costs Rupees Ten Esko das rupiya parcha. यसको दस रुपीया पर्छ.
5 What time is it? Kati bajyo? कति बज्यो?
It’s half past ten Sadhe das साढे दस्|
6 Where is your home at? Tapaiko ghar kata ho? तपाइको घर कता हो?
My home is at .. Mero ghar .. ma ho. मेरो घर .. मा हो|
7 What is this/that? Yo/Tyo ke ho? यो/त्यो के हो?
This/That is … Yo/Tyo … ho यो/त्यो … हो|
8 I am Happy Ma khusi chu म खुशी छु|
I am Sad Ma dukhi chu म दुखि छु|
9 When do we meet? Hami kahile bhetne? हामी कहिले भेट्ने?
10 See you Pheri bhetaula फेरि भेटौला|

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