GUIDE PROFILE: Pem Sherpa; A Snow Leopard

Pem Chhotar Sherpa, is one of the most reliable and experienced climbing guide in Nepal. Active since 2000, he has led successful expeditions to Everest, Kanchenjunga and other smaller peaks of Nepal

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Pem Sherpa is called a ‘Snow Leopard’ by the locals. A professional climber, he’s been leading climbing trips in Nepal since 2000.

Pem Chhotar Sherpa Pem Chhotar Sherpa


Full Name: Pem Chhotar Sherpa (CERTIFIED)
Birth: Sotang, Solukhumbu 1979
Career: Climbing/Expedition Guide
Expertise: Climbing, Sightseeing and Culture
Interests: Languages and Rock Climbing

Pem in Person

Pem Chottar Sherpa is one of the most experienced climbing/expedition guides found in Nepal today. Active since 2000, Pem has led successful trips to numerous peaks in and outside Nepal.

Pem Sherpa posing with Marisa and Robert Pem Sherpa posing with Marisa and Robert

With 15 years of experience in assaulting rapid snow, harsh weather and freezing air of Northern Nepal, Pem has grown immune to fatigue, disinterest or displeasure in Himalaya. When he is climbing, he is the busiest man in the team, however, his successes came with much difficulties. He started as a junior porter in his uncle’s team. After working 2 years as a porter…

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