Mary goes around Trekking & Climbing in Nepal

Mary Poer, hailing from Wisconsin, completed her ginormous trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) last April, 2014, along with climbing the stiff Island Peak. Lauded as one of the best treks in the world, Mary undertook EBC trek in support of the greater cause of helping local Sherpa inhabitants of Khumbu valley. You can make your donation @Global Giving -Sherpa Family Fund

An intrepid traveler, she undertook major task of climbing Island Peak immediately after completing the trek. Island Peak 6,189 m (20,305 ft) is one of the small trekking peaks in Nepal.

Here’s a video of Mary’s trip, posted by her friend Jennifer Austin

What she said about her trip?


Mary, during her post-trip interview;

I booked with Advanced Adventures P. Ltd. Nepal, Kathmandu. I had a tremendous experience with Chet and many of his crew […] My guide Sanjay had to do a bit of negotiating at the Lukla airport. Being a foreigner it made it so much more ensuring that things went well. I consider my guide and porter my friends after such a great trip.

Advanced Adventures will arrange for you anything you may want. It is such a wonderful company that is flexible and understanding of individual goals. Many other trekking companies have a cookie cutter mentality that tries to just “process” the clients through a regimented routine.

Contact Mary Poer

Ms. Mary Poer
Director of Buildings and Grounds
2899 Hwy 47, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.  USA54538
(715) 588-3800,

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