Animal Encounter #1: Catching up with Spiny Babbler (A Bird found only in Nepal)

Will you ever encounter the bird rarely ever seen in Nepal?? Found mostly in the subtropical and tropical moist regions, Spiny Babbler is famed for being the only bird endemic to Nepal. Read more on Spiny Babbler and birding in Nepal.

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Nepal is a paradise for ornithologists and avid bird watchers. There are currently 900 species of birds found in Nepal (as of 2012), of which 30 species are globally threatened, 1 species in endemic and 1 species has been recently introduced by humans. Spiny Babbler is the only species of bird endemic to Nepal.



Spiny cheeked Honeyeater Spiny Babbler

Spiny Babbler (Nepali: काँडे भ्याकुर) is the only bird endemic to Nepal. It has been listed in the “Least Concern” category by IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is a medium sized bird with a sharp beak and is quite shy an elegant and spectacular brown bird. Formerly, they were only to be found in restricted range but recently the researches have suggested they aren’t to be kept under vulnerable category anymore.

Spiny Babbler was thought to be extinct for over centuries, however,  it…

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