What to Buy for Trekking in Nepal? List of Essential Trek Clothing & Gears

Post-monsoon or Autumn season has already kicked in! September marks the beginning of Autumn in Nepal, where it tends to receive some rainfall, while November remains cold. The selection of proper trek gears and clothing determines the quality of your trek. Lack of proper trek gears can prove to be detrimental.

Choosing appropriate gears can prove to be a rocket science if you lack will in spending more time buying recommended gears. Finding gears requires some research on the location you are to visit, along with some tips from the trek companies, fellow trekkers or guides.

Most trek destinations in Nepal are above the elevation of 3,000 m (9,842 ft), therefore, you can feel cold during post-monsoon season. Annapurna region tends to receive rainfall during the season, while Everest remains dry and cold. Upper Mustang and Dolpo regions receive no rainfall at all for their acute geographic location, and the weather remains dry and warm during the day and cold during the night.

Following is the list of essential trek clothing and gears most required while trekking in Nepal during the post-monsoon season, as well as winter. As the winter immediately kicks in the latter part of the season, the wise selection in clothing can save you from many difficulties to come.

#1 Inner Wears

Trek Inner Wears
List of Trek Inner Wears
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Thermal Top
  • Thermal Pants
  • Synthetic Shirts
  • Pairs of Cotton Socks/Woolen Socks

#2 Outer Wears

Trek Outer Wears
List of Trek Outer Wears
  • Fleece Top
  • (Waterproof) Downjacket
  • Trek Boots
  • Flipflops
  • Hiking Trousers
  • Woolen Cap
  • Winter Gloves
  • Snow Gaiter (Optional)

#3 Trekking Gears

Trek Gears
List of Trek Gears
  • UV Protected Sunglasses
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Trekking Poles
  • Sleeping Bag (0°C to -10°C)



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