How to Celebrate Mani Rimdu, an Oldest Sherpa Festival?

This Autumn, the Sherpas of Everest region will celebrate the most important festival of the year, Mani Rimdu. Observed for 19 consecutive days, the attendees can witness incessant prayers, sacred dances, masked performances and spiritual enlightenment.

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Mani Rimdu is one of the oldest festivals celebrated by the Sherpa inhabitants of greater Khumbu valley. Celebrated for 19 consecutive days, the festival is observed with joy and full participation from the observant and Buddhist monks. Contents


Mani Rimdu is an annual festival which takes place on the 10th lunar month of Tibetan calender. Celebrated in the mountainous region of Tengboche, the festive is observed by the native inhabitants of the Khumbu valley, Sherpa, and Lama. The Tibetan term ‘Mani’ stands for “part of a chant of Chenrezig” and ‘Rimdu’ stands for “small red pills.” The important tradition of the festive surrounds the sacred red pills. The monks incessantly chant and bless the red pills which are later distributed to the observant.

Monks rehearsing for Mani Rimdu Monks rehearsing for Mani Rimdu

The festival lasts for nineteen days. Various ceremonies and meditations (Drupchen) take place for…

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