Nepal to build a Highway to Everest Region

Nepal will soon build a 65 miles long tarmac road connecting Jiri to Lukla, hence, easing the transport of supplies, as well as trekkers during the bad weather

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Nepalese Government has recently announced to build a 65 miles (100 km) long tarmac road to Everest region to help ease transportation of supplies from cities to the mountain region of Nepal.

~Highway from Jiri to Lukla~

A town of Jiri, Dolakha district A town of Jiri, Dolakha district

The proposed highway will connect Jiri to Surkhe village in Lukla, couple of hours away from Tenzing-Hillary Airport. The new road shall primarily facilitate the transport of goods and supplies from cities to Khumbu region. The other important purpose the road will serve is to cater trekkers in distress, who couldn’t fly out of the region for bad weather or are stuck in Khumbu.

A gas cylinder for cooking costs Rs. 10,000 (£60) and a cup of tea at least Rs. 250 (£1.50). Flying goods by air from Kathmandu to the airport at Lukla – known as the gateway to the Everest region – costs Rs. 50 (90 pence)…

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