Biking in Kathmandu & the Outskirts: A Complete Biking Guide

Nepal is a mountainous country, with most of the landscapes accounting for uneven terrains, hills and slopes. The high hills and mountain beds of greater Nepal easily facilitates eligible routes for biking tours.


Biking in Nepal for adventure started in the late 80s’. With the rapid commercialization of adventure travel in Nepal, foreigners started flowing in Kathmandu for cycling in and around the city.

Mountain biking nepal
Mountain biking nepal

Kathmandu valley comprises of uneven hills surrounding from all sides. From Chandragiri, Godavari, Nagarkot to Dhulikhel; these hill stations offer a delectable selection of routes for moderate/extreme mountain biking. Some routes are rocky and tenacious, whereas, some are muddy and wet. The geographic ranges for biking around Kathmandu highly varies, hence, offering a quality time for avid bikers. Biking in Kathmandu may range from self-guided to mountain biking.

#1 7 Days Extreme Biking Tour


Starting from Kathmandu (5,250 ft), bikers can take-off for higher grounds after trailing the historic city of Kathmandu. Bhaktapur, Nala, hill stations of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel, Namobuddha and Lubhu are the major stops during the tour. It passes through villages, offering outlook on authentic lifestyle and ancient cultures. >>Complete info

#2 5 Days Short Biking tour


Starting from Kathmandu, bikers take-off for the outskirts. Mulkharka, Chisapani, Nagarkot and Dhulikhel are some of the major stops during the tour. Though shorter in duration, the tour culminates into an adrenaline-rush activity. >>Complete info

When to Bike

  1. Winter (December-February) – It is one of the best times in a year for biking in the low lands of Nepal as the sky remains clear and the day cooler.
  2. Spring (March-May) – It is another best time to cycle in any altitude or location of Nepal as the temperature remains moderate.
  3. Summer/Monsoon (June-August) – It is considered good for riding the rain-shadow areas, such as; Mustang, of Nepal, where there is almost no rainfall. If you enjoy rain and mud, then you consider biking in the low lands.
  4. Autumn (September-November) – It is considered best for riding in the high altitudes as the sky remains clear and the day remains moderate.

Biking Accessories

An independent biker can buy essential accessories from various sporting outlets in Kathmandu or also rent it. Outfitters who organize biking tours in Nepal provide required accessories, all inclusive in a package. Some of the essential biking gears used are;

General Gears

  • Gloves
  • Biking Glasses
  • Snickers
  • Water bottles or Camelbaks
  • GPS navigation device
  • Air pump
  • Bike tools
  • High-power lights or LED

Protective Gears

  • Helmet
  • Body Armor and pads
  • First-aid kit




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