Why the Restricted Areas in Nepal should be opened for commercial trekking?

Why Nepal should consider opening the restricted areas for commercial trekking? List of Restricted Areas in Nepal

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Restricted areas in Nepal are defined by the protected status levied by the government on certain geographic regions which require protection and regulation for the various cultural, artistic and geographical reasons. The inflow of international tourists or foreigners in such area is highly regulated.

The Department of Immigration of Nepal issued total of only 10,560 trekking permits for the restricted areas in the year 2012, whereas, popular trek routes of Annapurna and Everest received almost 70,000  and 50,000 trekkers, respectively.

People in restricted area are very poor compared to other areas in the Country (Nepal). We can provide them alternative source for income […] For that to happen, the government should open restricted area.

~Ang Tshering Sherpa, Former President (NMA)

Advantages of Opening the Restricted Areas

  1. Increase in Inflow of Tourists -The unrestricted access of such areas will ensure higher inflow of international tourists. The increase in tourists will help increase the annual inflow of tourists in Nepal…

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