Can you trek during the Summer/Monsoon in Nepal?

Can you trek during Summer/Monsoon in Nepal? Learn more on how can you trek with ease and fun during off-seasons.

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Trekking in Nepal is possible in every season, however, the ease of access depends solely on weathers. Despite, being considered an Off-Season for adventure travels in Nepal, summer/monsoon can still provide you with limited trek options in the northern Nepal.

∞Summer/Monsoon in Nepal∞

Summer/Monsoon spans from May+June to August; the time of the year when temperature sores up high and incessant rainfall becomes common. Roads and walking paths become wet and muddy, creating difficulty in accessibility. The risk of landslides, flood or avalanches in the mountains become common too.

Most trekkers avoid the season because of the lack of favorable weather. Rainfall and heat on the northern regions of Nepal may create undesired situations for the trek.

The only regions preferred for trekking in Nepal during summer/monsoon are the rain-shadow areas. Due to their geographical attributes, they receive no rainfall throughout the year, making it easier to trek during summer/monsoon.

Monthly Stat. for arrival of trekkers in Nepal Monthly Stat. for arrival…

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