Inside Tengboche Monastery: A Jewel of Everest & Sherpa culture

Inside Tengboche Monastery -The highest monastery in the world located in Khumbu valley of Eastern Nepal. The Shangri La of Nepal nesting on the laps of Everest.

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Tengboche is a pristine and spiritual land of the devotees which lies in the Khumbu valley of eastern Nepal. The place is so sincere to its nonviolent cause that none of the animals are ever killed in here.



Tengboche Monastery (Thyangboche or Dawa Choling Gompa) is a Tibetan-Buddhist monastery built by Lama Gulu with the help of the Sherpa inhabitants of greater Khumbu valley. Located in the Khumjung village at 3,867 m (12,687 ft), it is the highest monastery in the world and the largest in the entire region.

The monastery falls under the Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, therefore protecting and maintaining this historic landmark is equally initiated by the park’s trust along with other stakeholders.

Thyangboche must be one of the most beautiful places…

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