Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek: Map, Cost & Trek Tips

Exploring Dhaulagiri Base Camp -one of the toughest trelk trails in Nepal.

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Dhaulagiri (massif) Himalaya range falls in the western region of Nepal, extending 120 km (70 mi) from the Kaligandaki River west to the Bheri. There are total of 14 high peaks located on the massif; Dhaulagiri (I, II, III,IV, V and VI) , Churen Himal (Main, East and West) and others.

The Dhaulagiri base camp trek is one of the toughest and longest treks one can undertake in Nepal, including sightseeing and cultural immersion.




In literary sense, Dhaulagiri means White Mountain. Dhaulagiri I, the highest peak in the region, is ranked seventh among world’s 14 highest mountains.

Starting from Beni, you must cross uneven terrains of Kaski region of western Nepal. The trail leads of Italian Base Camp 3,660 m (12,005 ft), supposedly the base camp of the 1st Italian expedition. From here, you can assault Dhaulagiri Base Camp itself followed…

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