10 of the Best Nepal’s Travel News of 2013 #throwback

10 of the Best Items that made NEWS in 2013! From ‘Rupee’ climbing Everest Base Camp to Valery’s base jump from the Everest.

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Nepal’s always been a desirable travel destination for many adventurers and holiday-goers around the world, however, the year presented 2013 Nepal in an entirely different light.

Check out the Countdown of most BUZZED travel news of Nepal in 2013

The 10 Best Travel News

#10 Elephant Polo in Chitwan

The first ever elephant polo was played back in 1982. Every year in November, elephant polo is held in Bardia to celebrate the newest art form of sporting.  The World Elephant Polo Association was established by two sports enthusiasts in 1982 and its headquarter is located in the very location of Chitwan.

Teams comprising of various nations; USA, Scotland, Thailand etc, face-off for the ultimate trophy. >>Read Full Article

A scene of Elephant Polo in Chitwan A scene of Elephant Polo in Chitwan

#9 Nepalese Government initiates Online VISA Application

To ease off the tension while applying a Nepalese VISA and to save your important time, Nepalese…

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