ADRENALINE RUSH CLIMB #2: Adventure Tales of Ukrainian Daredevil

‘Mustang Wanted’ stuns the whole world with his death-defying stunts. Watch out for this talented yet Ballsy Ukrainian daredevil doing some unimaginable vertigo-inducing stunts

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A Ukrainian who lovingly calls himself  Mustang Wanted or the Ukrainian Daredevil is a man of Guts and will.

Similar to his contemporary, Russian Daredevils, this Adventurer climbs high rising buildings and do vertigo-inducing stunts. A free climber by nature, he has performed some of the most awed free climbs and stunts ever, which are quite stunning compared to what Acrobats do on the Stage with harness intact.

Occasionally, publishing his daredevils feats on his website, Mustang Wanted and his acrobat friends are surely the most popular stuntmen ever. They have climbed almost every high rising towers and buildings in Kiev, Ukraine.

Fear doesn’t exist […] And I’m not afraid. Death – is not the worst.

~Mustang Wanted

~Death-defying Stunts~


Mustang WantedMustang WantedMustang WantedMustang WantedMustang WantedMustang Wanted

Mustang Wanted‘s Official Website

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