Maha Shivaratri -Celebrating Hindu Festival of Shiva and Antics of Naga Sadhus

Maha Shivaratri meaning “The Night of Lord Shiva” is celebrated by Hindus throughout the world. The extravagant festival falls on Feb 27, when more than 700,000 devotees are expected to show up at Pashupatinath temple of Kathmandu, the ultimate pedestal for the devotees of Lord Shiva.

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Maha Shivaratri ( Hindi : माहा शिवरात्री) meaning ‘The Night of Lord Shiva’  is celebrated by Hindus throughout the world in dedicatio to Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity .

It is widely celebrated on the 13th/14th day of Maagha month of Hindu calender when new moon ocurs. The date varies every year, and this year on Maha Shivaratri, which falls on February 27, it is expected for at least 700,000 Hindu devotees, including 150,000 Indians, to throng the famous Pashupatinath shrine in the Kathmandu (Nepal) to worship Lord Shiva.

~Origin & History~

Out of many theories, one which is most regarded is from the Puranas;

During the great mythical churning of the ocean called Samudra Manthan, a pot of poison emerged from the ocean. The gods and the demons were terrified as it could destroy the entire world. When they ran to Shiva for help, he…

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