Kala Patthar (Black Rock) -A Geographic Landmark in the Everest Region

Kala Patthar, meaning Black Rock is a notable landmark located in the Khumbu valley on the southwest ridge of Pumori. It is famous among trekkers’ circle for it provides a closer view of Everest’s summit.


Trekkers posing at Kala Patthar
Trekkers posing at Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar 5,545 m (18,192 ft), composed of Hindi words ‘Kala’ and ‘Patthar’ meaning ‘Black’ and ‘Rock’, respectively, was named so by the early Everest expedition members for its resemblance to black rocks. Climbed by the expedition members before, the commercial ascent of this small peak started when trek leaders and trekkers started realizing the fact that the whole trip was made to view Everest from close proximity, which isn’t possible from the base camp.

It’s recommended to ascent Kala Patthar only if you’re well acclimatized. The higher elevation and cold atmosphere may give you sharp chills. As the ascent is generally done during dawn, where sun is eclipsed by the towering Everest, the place might seem dark, cold and inhabitable, therefore, you must carry torch and essential stuffs to keep you safe.

Climbing Kala Patthar

The ascent of Kala Patthar is generally done during the trek to Everest Base Camp. Because of the invisibility of Everest’s summit from the base camp, trekkers prefer making a short ascent of Kala Patthar to enjoy the view of summit from a close proximity.

The ascent of Kala Patthar begins at Gorakshep 5,164 m (16,942 ft). The whole trail consists of uneven terrains, mostly steep ascents. The full ascent usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. If the attempt is made starting from Lobuche, an additional two to three hours (one way) is required.




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