Maghe Sankranti: A Holy Festival of Nepal

Maghe Sankranti, a popular HIndu festival celebrated joyfully throughout South Asia, is an important day among the observant –to cleanse off the evil and ill off their bodies and minds and bid farewell to the ominous month of Poush (9th month on Nepalese calender).

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Maghe Sankranti ( Nepali : माघे सङ्क्रान्ति) is a Nepalese festival , celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists alike , observed in the very first month, January, Or Magh (10th month of Nepalese calender) . The celebration is supposed to bring an end to the ill-fated period in the religious circle occurring in the month of Poush (9th month of Nepalese calender) when celebration of festivals aren’t forbidden. It also marks the return of Spring .

On this day, the sun is believed to leave its southernmost position and begin its northward journey. Maghe Sankranti is similar to solstice festivals in other religious traditions.

~N.P. Manandhar

Observant (mainly Hindus) are supposed to cleanse themselves on this very day. The first bathe of the day starts as a ritual bathe at scheduled river locations around the country.

  • Sankhamul at the Bagmati, Lalitpur
  • Gandaki/Narayani river basin at Triveni, near the Indian border
  • Devghat near Chitwan
  • Ridi on the Kali Gandaki
  • Koshi…

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