Kathmandu Travel Guide -The Trendy City of Historical Importances

Kathmandu (KTM) Travel Guide for your next vacation in Nepal. From the arrival of Hippies during 60s’ to the trending culture and lifestyle of Kathmanduties, insight on everything there’s to know about KTM.

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Kathmandu (Nepali: काठमाडौं) or KTM is the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu valley includes Kathmandu metropolitan city along with Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Thimi and Kirtipur areas. It was listed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2006.

Measuring 49.45 km2 in total, Kathmandu is a geographically smaller city compared to many other important cities of Nepal and its history goes back 2,000 years only. Over time, this small city attracted best minds from around the country and helped it build socioeconomically, making it the most accessible place for living, working and traveling in the whole country. Today, almost 2.5 million people reside in Kathmandu (Census 2012).

If you are to visit old settlements around Kathmandu, you ought to find numerous narrow alleys, mud-built houses conjoined together like ‘making love’; inhabitants clad in their native costumes, with rich and vibrant architectures dominating the locales.

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