Pokhara Travel Guide – Ultimate Holiday Getaway in Nepal

Pokhara, the 3rd largest city of Nepal, is a Tourists’ haven. The Sporting activities; Paragliding and Zip line, lakeside recreations, partying, drinking and sightseeing etc keep you busy all day long. Do care to spend a day or two in Pokhara during your next visit to Nepal!

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Pokhara is the 3rd largest city of Nepal. Located on the mid-western terrains at Kaski district, it has established itself as an ultimate holiday getaway and is popular for its exotic locations, cheaper accommodations, recreations and sports, in recent times.  Located about 200 km west of Kathmandu, it is connected via 174 km (108 mi) long Prithi Highway.

Due to its close proximity to Annapurna region, trekkers tend to make a brief/long stop at Pokhara before and after the trek.

Pokhara Regional Airport, the only airport in the region, connects Kathmandu and Manang via daily flights. The major highways link the city with major commercial towns of different districts, which has helped in flourishing trade between western and eastern states of Nepal.  Pokhara bus park and Baglung bus park are the operating bus stops in Pokhara.


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