Helambu ‘Hyolmo’ Trek: Map, Cost and other details


Helambu is a highland region located in northern Nepal and in a close proximity to Kathmandu. It is mainly inhabited by the Hyolmo and Tamang tribe of people. Popular for the locally grown Apples, ethnic lifestyle and cultural artifacts, Helambu has always been a popular travel getaway. It intersects with the popular Langtang trail, located at its western front, making into a Langtang-Helambu trek.

Starting from the scenic region of Sundarijal (Waterfall) on the outskirts of Kathmandu, it makes up into a circuit trek.

The uncomplicated route, good weather and shorter duration makes it an easy trek for both expert and novice adventurers, and also suits best to those considering to trek lighter and in a closer proximity to Kathmandu.

#Hyolmo Tribe

Hyolmo or Yolmo are the indigenous people of northern Nepal. Helambu is a part of Greater Yolmo region located directly on the northern front of Kathmandu. In Nepal, the region is called Yolmo and their language is a Tibetan-derived one.

Young yolmos Performing
Young Yolmos performing a cultural dance on stage

Yolmo tribe is believed to have closer cultural and linguistic connections with the inhabitants of the Gyirong County and Rongsyar areas of Tibet. Formerly, the Yak herders, Yolmo people today are involved mainly in trade, carpet weaving, Thanka painting and agriculture which has been their family occupation for generations. Their total population in Nepal is supposed to be around 198,000.

Major Religious festivals include: Hyolmo Somnam Losar, Nara Dungru (one of the biggest festivals), Shartsezhu, Dumzhu, Drukpa Tsezhu, Leehudema, Dhalopangdi, Kanggyur, Mani Tsyopa (Dasai Tikka), Nyungne, Tsoya, Ama Yangri Tsezhu.

Trek Trail & Seasons

Trekking in northern Nepal can mostly be done during 2 different seasons; Pre-monsoon (March-June) and Post-monsoon (September-November). The weather is generally clear with rare chances of rain or snowfall during pre-monsoon and during post-monsoon the days remain warmer and the nights colder, with snowfalls in the higher region of Nepal. Most of the trekkers arrive in post-monsoon season.


Day 01: Trek preparation day
Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal & trek to Chisapani
Day 03: Trek to Kutumsang
Day 04: Trek to Helambu via Tharapati
Day 05: Trek to Sermanthang.
Day 06: Trek to Melamchi Village.
Day 07: Trek to Melamchi Pul and drive back to Kathmandu.




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