“Now, Foreigners can apply for VISA & Trek Permits Online” -Nepalese Government

Department of Immigration (DoI) of Nepal has recently announced that foreigners can now apply for Tourist VISA and as well as other permits (Transit VISA, Trek Permits) online (Link Here), making the procedure hassle free for the incoming tourists in Nepal.

Nepal Tourist VISA and other 12 different VISAs

15 Days Tourist Visa for Nepal
15 Days Tourist Visa for Nepal

Applicants are required to fill the application form online. Upon submission, DOI shall provide the applicant with a receipt. The applicant needs to submit receipt along with required documents and VISA fee upon arrival in Nepal at immigration authority to get the VISA.

The process is believed to help ease off the hassle at the airport for the tourists, and make their trip happier.

Along with Nepal Travel VISA one can also apply for other VISAS, namely; Marriage, Study, Business,  Residential, Transit, NRN, Relation, Working, Diplomatic, Official and Dependent.

Trek Permits

Interested tourists can now also apply for trek permits for various regions of Nepal online. One can submit the trek permit even before arriving in the country, helping in reducing the days involved in processing a permit on ground. However, as stated by the DOI, one cannot apply for Restricted Areas’ Trek permit online but only through the government authorized trek agencies. (The agencies will submit essential details; trekking program, registration certificate, VAT/PAN certificate, foreign exchange permission certificate and insurance policy etc) on behalf of the trekkers.

Nepal Vision Treks and Advanced Adventures, two of the most recognized trek agencies in Nepal, help in submitting and processing the restricted areas’ permit on behalf of their clients.

According to DoI, application submitted online shall remain in the database for only 15 days max. Therefore, the applicants will have to contact the immigration authorities within the stipulate time.

Advice for Online Visa Applicants

Online Visas Application should be finished in one go and submitted to the Immigration Authority of Nepal. Hence, the applicants are advised to prepare themselves as follows before moving on with online application. (Source)

  • You must have your valid passport at hand. Please use the passport with which you have travelled to Nepal or intends to travel to Nepal.
  • You must have a digital file of your recent color photograph (size 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch) at hand for uploading the photograph on the application.
  • You must have your permanent mailing address of your country of residence and detail address in Nepal.
  • You must have your telephone numbers both landline and mobile (cell).
  • You must have email address at hand.
  • The application submitted online is in the system for 15 days. After 15 days the submitted application is automatically deleted from the system.
  • On successful submission of the application you will receive receipt immediately through your email.
  • You have to print the receipt and keep it to produce before the Immigration Authority.
  • For you convenience the deadline for contacting the Immigration Authority is mentioned in the receipt.
  • The receipt also reminds you about the documents you have to produce before the Immigration Authority.
  • You have to contact the Immigration Authority within 15 days of the submission of application.
  • You have to contact proper Immigration Authority with the receipt and documents as mentioned in the receipt together with necessary fee.

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